Easterlyn A Minecraft Community

Rules For your protection and ours

Respect the rules, staff, your fellow players, and yourself.
No Spam
Do not spam.
Use the appropriate channel for what you're sharing.
Avoid derailing existing conversations.
No Griefing or Theft
Claim your land.
If it's not yours, don't touch it even if it isn't claimed.
Grief is grief, no matter how small.
If your account takes an action, you are responsible, even if it wasn't you.
No Exploits or Hacks
Aesthetic, HUD, and minimap mods are allowed. Everything else is not.
Report any exploits.
Do not create lag.
Be Safe
Don't bully, discriminate, stalk, or impersonate.
Be careful about over-sharing.
Respect others' privacy.

Report all exploits and rule-breaking. For reporting on Discord, please use @Staff.